Corporate Yoga Classes:

For busy employees, the thought of introducing yoga to their lives seems a bit of a non-starter. Busy professionals have a lot of demands on their time and allocating time for yoga just doesn’t factor.

But what if they understood the potential benefits to their work and home lives? Stress in the workplace today is a major consideration for employers and anything that can be introduced to alleviate this is a potential benefit to both employers and the employees.

Less stressful employees will be more productive and are less likely to need time off through illness. Less stressful employees are likely to have happier home lives and this in turn leads to increased productivity.

According to figures in the Health and Safety Executive Annual Statistics Report for Great Britain,  22.7 million working days were lost due to work-related ill health during the period and mental ill health is the single highest cause of working days lost within this figure.

I believe yoga is not only an activity you should put in your life, but one that employers should actively encourage, either by establishing classes, or even allotting time in the work day for training sessions.

Private Yoga Classes:

Special introductory price: Only $25 for a one on one, 1 hour, Personalized Yoga Class to fit your needs. You get to pick the location of your choice, whether its at Sunset Cliffs with its amazing Ocean Views, your favorite beach, park or in the privacy of your own home.