Birthday Party Yoga!

Birthday Party Yoga!

Are you turning another year older and have a group of great friends that want to celebrate but your over the bar/club scene and your not sure how or what to do? Birthday Party Yoga is the perfect idea! Have a blast with your pals all while flowing to the vibe of this fun Birthday Party Yoga Class! Location of your choice...

$85- up to 10 people, 75 minute class

Special Day: Wedding & Bachelorette Party Yoga

Wedding & Bachelorette Party Yoga

Wedding Day Yoga

Wedding & Bachelorette Party Yoga

If you are thinking of getting married or have already set a date – congratulations! It’s an exciting time, but we know it’s also not uncommon to feel a little overwhelmed or frazzled as you dive in to the planning. Our secret to looking and feeling your best on the big day? Yoga!

Taking care of your mind and body is just as important as all those details you’ve been working on. Adding in a little yoga to your daily routine will help calm your nerves, restore serenity and help you feel stronger - both physically and mentally.

Here are our top reasons why doing yoga before your wedding day will leave you feeling like a zen'd out bride-to-be:

The Bridal Glow

Practicing yoga regularly increases blood flow and organ function, even after you leave the mat. Both contribute to a “healthy glow.” Plus, inversions can actually help counteract the effect that gravity has on our skin. Spending time in any inversion, whether that’s Downward Facing Dog, Headstand or Handstand helps to counter those effects and increases the elasticity of the skin. The reversal of gravity promotes movement of the lymphatic system which is responsible for 80% of our immune function and this helps cleanse your skin from the inside out! Flexibility for the Mind & Body Flexibility and strength in your muscles promotes long, lean looking muscle tone. Rather than bulking up from repetitive motion exercise, yoga has you work your full range of motion in every joint of your body and build strong and long muscles, which looks good on everyone!

Yoga also teaches us a flexible demeanor:

Your breath is something you can tap into anytime you’re away from your mat and feeling the stress of wedding planning. Inhale peace, exhale tension! On top of all that, yoga can sharpen your concentration, which will help you focus on all those details!

Being Present on Your Big Day:

You often hear couples say their wedding went by in the blink of an eye. Meditation teaches us to observe moments of stillness and surrender so that we can take in every special moment of the day. Connection Yoga is even more fun with friends! Going into the studio and seeing friendly faces or catching up with your instructor might be just the break you need. Another fun idea is to invite your bridal party to do yoga with you on the big day! It’s the perfect way to kick the wedding off with everyone in a calm state of mind.


$85 up to 10 people, 75 minute class

$100 up to 15 people, 75 minute class