About Me

About Me

Organizer of Yoga with Angie

Angie is origionaly from the East Coast, NJ. She moved here in 2011. Angie moved to San Diego for her dream job, which was being a Humane Officer with the San Diego Humane Society. Angie's goal was to rescue animals from horrific situations and bring the people who hurt them to Justice!

Angie was an Officer for about two years then wrongfully lost this Officer position. She did not take this very well and needed something to help her heal and recover from this major loss.

Someone suggested Yoga and mentioned its healing powers. So Angie tried a class and instanly became addicted! It was like no other acitivity or excercise that she was use to, like fitness classes and just lifting at the gym. It kep her present in the moment so her mind wouldnt wonder away and think about her loss. It provided a sense a calmness, tranquily and peace and helped her transform in Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.

Angie fell in love with Yoga and started working at Yoga Six in a "yoga for trade" position for two years, then went on to go to their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and became a 200 hour Certified Instructor in 2014. Angie was so gratefull for her journey, that her goal now was to share this journey with others that may be going through difficult times and to show them in a safe envoronment the healing powers of Yoga.

Angie no longer works as a Humane Officer. Angie continued her journey in the animal field but in a different way,  working full time in two very busy Animal Hospitals over the past 8 years. After being in the Animal Field for so many years, Compassion fatigued and burn out took over. Angie searched for years for a job that would relieve her of this agony but that was still in the animal field. Angie prayed and prayed and finally landed an amazing position as a Territory Manager for a Pet Memorial Company! Over the years she also worked in several Yoga Studios part time around the San Diego area but now teaches her own classes outdoors at Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach.

What sets Angie apart from other classes and instructors is the way she connects with each student. Holding themed/holiday classes, uses Aromatherapy and Essenial oils, Reiki Healing and gives readings from the Oracle cards in each class!

Angie also hosts very special event classes as well. Like her Euphoric Sunday Morning Butterfly Kisses Vinyasa Flow at the Butterfly Farm or every month hosting all the special Full Moon's with a Full Moon Flow Event and with amazing special Guest Performers after class that are Flamming HOT HOT HOT! Also Special events like Valentines Day Singles Meet & Mingle Vinyasa Flow! And you wont want to ever miss out on her Special Halloween Haunted Glow Flow or Day Escape at Rancho Guejito Vineyard Yoga Event! Cuteness over load at her Baby Goat Yoga Event!

You can find Angie out at Sunset Cliffs every Sunday for Self Care Sundays/Sunday Morning Ocean View Vinyasa Flow at 10:00 am - 11:15 am. Angie used to live in beautiful and unigue Ocean Beach but just recenlty followed another one of her dreams and moved out to Ramona to live and work on a horse ranch! 

In her spare time Angie loves spending time with her four legged fur baby named Emma! They love to go walking at the cliffs and now walking to go see the cows! Angie loves spending her spare time taking care of the horses and going horse back riding! Angie is a very outdoorsy girl and loves hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, kayacking, concerts/tailgates, BBQs, firepits, Bonfies, Beach Camping and loves going on day trip and new adventures! 

Always remember to Opt to Adopt and truly save a life! Never Buy! And always Spay Neuter and Microchip your fur babies! Doggies are always welcome to all classes! As long as they are well behavord, dog friendly and do not disrupt the Flow! Angie looks forward to seeing all of you beutiful Yogis at one of her classes!