Self Care Sundays!

Self Care Sundays!

Sunday Morning All Levels Ocean View Vinyasa!

You don't need a New Year 2021 for a new you, you just need a new mind set!

2021 Goals and Intentions: Gain Flexibility, Strengthen, Tone, Breathe, Let Go, Relax, Rejuvenate, Replenish, Revive, Unplug & Reboot, and stay Strong in Mind Body Heart & Soul!

Practicing all safety guidelines due to Covid-19. Class is outdoors, we can be more than 6 feet apart, masks are worn off the mat, no contact at all!

Please join me this Sunday and every Sunday at 10am, 75 minute class, with a new longer blissful lavender savasana and an invigorating peppermint foot mist. All Levels Vinyasa Flow Over looking the gorgeous ocean while you flow. Feel the warm morning sun kiss your skin and smell the sweet salty scent of the ocean air! Ending with a blissful lavender and peppermint essentail oils savasana....

Such an amazing experience and way to practice Yoga. We are so lucky to live here and be able to do Yoga at this Amazingly Beautiful location! Location: Sunset Cliffs and Hill Street Location (3rd open dirt area at cliffs) There is plenty of street parking for everyone!

Time: 10 am Sharp!

Please arrive early to set up, please do not come late and disrupt the class & flow


Sunset Cliffs Blvd & Hill Street


There is plently of free street parking for all

What to bring:

Please bring a towel to lay on the ground, your Yoga mat and a 2nd towel to lay on top of your mat to protect your mat, water, sunglasses and sun block😎and something warm & cozy for the colder months

Cost: (This is not a free class)

This is a Donation Based class. I rely on your generous donations to keep these cliffs classes going. Cash and Venmo are accepted.

You can get me on Venmo at: Angela-Amato-4

Minimum suggested donation is $10 but please always feel free to give more if you would like and really enjoyed my class 😉

Important Note:

If a wedding or other event is being set up at the location, please know class will be moved to the Hill Street Location. My classes are always pet friendly! Dogs are always welcome! As long as they are ok with other dogs and do not disrupt the class..

I hope to see all of you beautiful yogis at the clifs on your mats!


2021 Following all Covid - 19 Safety Guidlines